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saturday, november 3

would somebody please tell melissa to put comments on her site? i'm getting tired of keeping my thoughts to myself.

friday, november 2

it's odd how i saw lots of posts on halloween, but didn't see any posts for all saints day. i suppose because halloween is more of a national pastime, whereas all saints day is only a religious holiday. don't get me wrong, i'm not religious. but i discovered in my adolescent years that "halloween" comes from "all hallows eve", the day before all hallows day, or all saints day, or what the french call toussaint.

isn't it odd that we celebrate the eve of a holy day without celebrating the holy day itself? what if we did that on christmas? not to mention that the word holiday comes from holy day, anyway. but like i said, i'm not a religious person. car accidents attorney

my back is mostly better. took a couple aleve and i am mostly unimpeded in my movements.

i am gainfully employed, but i am still bummed out that i probably won't hear back about the web designer position that i applied for. file under "useless whining."

i am a lover of song lyrics, among other trivia. i have shared lyrics here in the past, but not to any great extent. i ponder a useful outlet for the regurgitation of lyrics other than posting them in my blog. i'll sleep on it. hey, that's my cue. g'night.

thursday, november 1

i just threw out my back. ow. ow. mommy.

it's funny how you notice strange things when they are absent from your usual routine. there is a guy that usually sits next to me in class, but he wasn't there yesterday. he usually has this smell that i can only describe as... "coffarette". there are people whose sole means of sustenance is coffee and cigarettes. the cigarette smoking man from the x-files might be one of those people. tall, skinny, gaunt, with slightly sunken facial features.

i had an employer who was like this, so i was able to witness the phenomenon first hand. never without a cigarette, never an empty cup of coffee. ate maybe once a day. both he and my fellow student also wear goatees, so the combined effect makes them look like distant cousins of satan.

maybe scientists should make a drug that replaces the need for coffee and cigarettes. they could call it "nicoffeine". it could be a patch, or a pill, or maybe even intravenous. i'll get started on a business plan... any interested scientists out there?

tuesday, october 30

as if getting a 93 dollar speeding ticket wasn't enough, last night i got a 60 dollar parking ticket. that's right, parking ticket. apparently i was parked too close to a tow-away zone. it makes me hate those fat-asses in those little carts even more. they drive around with their fat asses hanging off the edge of the seat, looking for people to ticket. they're too lazy to walk around, so they lean their fat asses out of their little carts to make chalk marks on car tires.

monday, october 29

so my dad's on a bus back to california, where he'll take a plane back to the philippines. we said goodbye over the phone. afterwards i felt kind of sad that we didn't spend more time together while he was here.

i'm satisfied, however, knowing that i will not have the same relationship with my father as he did with his. he and his father had disowned each other long ago, their relationship forever ruined.

i have been able to reconcile somewhat with my father, fearing the repetition of family history and not wanting to deny my father a chance for absolution. but he's not getting it without admitting his errors.

sunday, october 28

i'm apparently still coherent enough to form logical thoughts.

i was fairly disappointed with the phantom menace dvd, for a couple of reasons: 1) it reminded me of how bad some of the acting was; 2) it reminded me how much i hate jar jar binks; and 3) the deleted scenes were not as numerous and impressive as i was led to believe by the hype.

so, that was three reasons. get over it. i forgot to ask for opinions on the new design, so i guess i'll do that now. i have gotten comments from the ever-enigmatic jettgrrrl, who seems to like it well enough.

what do you think?

friday, october 26

today i join a nation of people on anti-depressants. don't cry for me, argentina. my only reservation is that if i start losing my "edge", i'm gonna stop. but does my "edge" come from my anxiety?

dunno, i'm not a shrink.

so here we move into very dangerous territory. this is information i would never have posted on my other site. but here, i am veiled in a false sense of security.